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What is WorkForYou engaged in?


WorkForYou operates on cryptocurrency exchanges and profits from the trading pairs volatility.

How are profits generated?


The investor makes a deposit and thereby allows WorkForYou to trade on the exchanges. The cryptocurrency trading profit is accrued to the investor's account.

How much profit will I get from investing?


The profit level depends on a particular financial plan and deposit amount as well. It varies from 1.1%, 1.2% up to 1.3%, depending on the deposit body. Switch to «For investors» section to learn more.

What is the minimum and maximum deposit, available to investors?


The minimum deposit is $5 in the «Standard» financial program. The maximum deposit amount is $ 20 000 – it is the limit one in «Pro» financial program.

How are the profits accrued and when I may withdraw money?


The income is accrued to the investor's personal account every day. The funds withdrawal rules for each financial account are up to 24 hours.

What payment systems may I use in order to deposit and withdraw funds?


Our company cooperates with the following payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Ethereum

What is the deposit amount, required for participation in the affiliate program?


WorkForYou provides its investors with a great chance to earn money on an affiliate program investment-free way. The deposit is optional.

How much income will I get per a referred participant?


Our company provides a three-level referral system. You will get 5% of both your colleagues’ and partners’ deposits on the first level, 2% on the second and 1% on the third.

Where are the funds accrued to?


All the funds will be accrued to the user's personal account. It is allowed to track the funds movement through your personal account.

How much does it cost to create and activate an account?


Registration is absolutely free. Account activation is instant.

Whether multiple accounts are allowed?


Each WorkForYou website user is entitled to create the only account.

I lost or forgot my password: what should I do?


Use the password recovery form in order to recover your account, if you have forgotten your password. Contact our customer support service, if failed to recover password.