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WorkForYou international company
provides a window into the cryptocurrency world.

Initially our main goal was to provide everyone worldwide with a simple and safe access to a passive income. We may definitely say that cryptocurrency trading is a risk-free way to make money.

Lots of investors trust WorkForYou. Our mission is to create open financial interaction and provide our clients with benefit in the high deposit interest rates form.

We are sure that switching to investing in cryptocurrency trading is the best way to promote economic freedom, innovation, efficiency and equality of capabilities worldwide.

We are glad that you wish to cooperate with us. Thus, by joining our affiliate program, you will get a passive income open deposit-free way. For each user, who joins us through your affiliate link and completes a transaction, you will get a fee, equal to 5%, 3% or 1% for each level.

Investment-free passive income is our company's affiliate program basis. Each new client, who joins the company on your recommendation basis, will bring constant profit by participating in the affiliate program.


First Line – 5%


Second Line – 2%


Third Line – 1%